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Everybody requires various forms of physical contact for maximum health, and the human voice possesses the ability to soothe, heal, and offer gentle support. People are also instinctively aware of the power of energy fields.   We encounter energy from others, either positvely or negatively as well as receiving energetic signals from electronics and technology all around us, on a daily baisis.

With so many health problems arising from stress, Hypnosis and Parts Therapy, Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, Regression, and Reiki may have a profound positive effect on wellbeing. Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, and Reiki are valued by many as effective in combating stress, inducing relaxation and calming the mind.  Hypnosis has the ability to access the subconscious mind, thereby suggestions offer alternative coping methods and beneficial behaviors. 

Interpreting Universal energies imprinted at birth, a unique perspective is attained offering individual understanding and, subsequently, aid personal growth.

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  * Relieves Emotional and Physical Pain * Reduces Stress and Anxiety * Release painful memories associated with Trauma* Alleviates Sinus and Headaches *Realigns energy centers of the body called Chakras * Improves Sleep.

 * Releases toxins trapped in the body * Creates balance and enhances immune system functioning.

A variety of Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, and Reiki techniques are incorporated to assist the body's natural ability to heal itself; Comforting, relaxing, healing.  

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 Rev. Lorraine Valente, MS, ACH, RMT